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Welcome to the dormant doer!

This blog is dedicated to those who have always dreamed of taking more action and making things happen in their lives, but have never quite managed to frequently break out of their comfort zone. I understand that feeling of not having lived life to the fullest. Rewinding your past 10 years with the regret that there could have been so much more can be frustrating and that’s why I am here to assist! The Dormant Doer is an ideal that embodies somebody who takes action when the opportunity arises. I believe in each one of us lies a dormant doer, just waiting to get awakened.

My mission is to inspire and empower individuals like you, to take control of your life and make your big and small dreams a reality. I provide you the tools and resources you need to overcome procrastination and inactivity, to take that first step towards becoming a doer. I’ll share tips, strategies, and personal stories to help you set and achieve your goals, and to become the best version of yourself. 

Join me on this journey to awaken your potential and live the life you are capable for. Remember, it’s never too late to become a doer and you have the power to make things happen.

”It’s not a matter of motivation, it’s a matter of inspiration!”

about the author

Dear reader!

My name is Kevin and with this blog, I’d like to show you my gratitude how the Universe has altered my course from a shy and passive hesitator to a passionate doer!

I believe that each one of us has a force within that is capable of more than we dare to talk about. I believe some of us were blessed to discover this hidden power in their early years already, others later in life, but very infrequent.
It’s a force that allows us to realize all the things we thought about, but rarely executed. It’s a force that pulls you out of your mind and gives you the necessary push to get things done. 

No, it’s not about learning techniques and taking courses about how to get rich, married or happy. It’s much more fundamental and powerful than that. It’s a lifestyle where you can put yourself in the right position to awaken the doer within you. This is “The Dormant Doer” because everybody has this sacred force within them and here you will learn to awaken it.

With this blog I’d like to offer you simple ideas about how you are able to change the course of your life fundamentally. It’s no rocket science, just dedication. If you decide to trust your gut feeling about this idea, I promise to equip you with the necessary knowledge to take over the steering wheel of your ship! Are you ready?

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