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The Surprising Link Between Self-Love and A Negative Self-Image.
Beliefs often have a firm hold on our behavior, because we strive to identify. One of the strongest human desires is “to become”. We want to become something. Not necessarily important what it is, as long...
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The Art Of Believing In Yourself: A New Chapter
Believing in ones self is a phrase that’s been around for a while already. But what does it really mean? What is a strong belief? What is the self? And foremost what do we create if we connect a belief...
Why We Neglect What's Meaningful To Us + An Antidote
It’s never been different: There were always people who became excellent in something, worked towards their lofty goals, had an attractive partner, or had a broad social circle. They simply were happy....
The Silent Dreamkiller: How Envy Sabotages Us Artfully
Life means growth. If we don’t grow, we die. It's as simple as that. To ensure survival, evolution has established a sophisticated mechanism that allows us to go the extra mile. Seeing the neighboring...
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