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How A Single Habit Defines The Course Of Your Life
Carl Jung once stated, that until we make the unconscious conscious, it will direct our life and we call it fate. I’d like to adress a destructive habit, that’s deeply embedded in our coulture, yet very...
How Escapism Slowly Eats You Alive
There are a bunch of definitions for escapism on the web. Some suggest, that it’s a temporary escape from life into a desired reality. This can be gaming, cycling, watching movies, alcoholism or simply...
Hack The Matrix With Feynman: How To Learn Anything
Hack The matrix with Feynman: How to learn anything What if I told you, that most of what you learned at school about how to learn is blatant rubbish? What if you can learn anything you want, without plain...
Thor, God Of Purpose: "Your Time Is Now"
"New Asgard" ... I mumbled in awe and excitement. Never have I thought to come here ever in my life. But it has cause. A "higher cause" what I love call it. Today I will have an Interview with the son...
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