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How To Radically Improve Productivity: Asking The Right Questions
Occasionally we experience key moments in life that change everything around us: forgiving somebody, leaving home, or becoming a parent. However, there are also key moments, that have tremendously more...
How Beliefs Direct Your Life: The Shocking Truth
Did you ever ask yourself why you think what you think? The words that are deeply ingrained in every fiber of your personality. The structure, how you explain the world to yourself. The words that shoot...
4 Steps To New Habits: James Clear's Habit Loop
Did you ever wonder, what in the world is going on in your mind, when you keep doing things you actually want to stop? Like procrastination, porn, eating sweets, checking social media and the rest of its...
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Shame And Guilt: Ego's Tools Which Make You Procrastinate
You wake up in a tiny cage. With an empty belly and blurry viewed you notice that there is no exit from the cage. Suddenly, a painful electrical shock strikes your whole body. After two seconds - again....
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